Freeview is the Free to Air digital Television service that is available to all New Zealanders. Digital TV gives you clearer pictures, sharper sound and a provides a better range of programmes.

To access the Freeview TV programmes, you have two installation options.  You can either get the Freeview TV signal via a satellite receiver and satellite dish or using the traditional method which you need a terrestrial receiver and UHF aerial.

We are your preferred freeview installers in Auckland. We can install both the UHF aerial version and Satellite freeview also free to air C-Band channels.


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  • Satellite Basic New Installation
  • $400
  • inc GST
  • 1 x 50-75cm satellite dish
    1 x Freeview approved Set Top Box
    1 x LNB (Low Noise Blocker)
    1 x Roof or Wall mount
    Cable, clips/ties and connectors.

    Add an outlet or go Multiroom, our experienced technician can quote onsite. Prices will differ according to size of house, equipment you may already have etc. So call Star Connections to get the best deal.

    Broadcasters can choose whether to broadcast their channels on satellite and/or terrestrial so the channel offering may differ between the two platforms.
    *Note: Prime is available on Both (Free).

  • UHF Basic New Installation
  • $500
  • inc GST
  • Requires a UHF Aerial and HD set top box/receiver. NB: A new HDTV with Freeview built-in requires a UHF aerial.

    Our basic fresh installation package includes:
    1 x UHF antenna
    1 x Mount
    1 x HD Freeview approved Set Top Box
    Cable, clips/ties and connectors.

    *Some TVs now come with Freeview set top box already built inside. Look for TVs that have integrated digital tuners if you are thinking of upgrading your TV. Check your roof for a UHF aerial


    You may already have a UHF antenna, so call us to find how this will affect your pricing.

  • Need an aerial only?
  • $250
  • inc GST
  • UHF (or digital terrestrial) aerial only install $250.00 inc GST
    A TV with HDFreeview built in requires a UHF aerial.
    The basic install includes:
    1 x UHF antenna
    1 x Mount (and ‘stays’ if needed)
    Cable, clips/ties and connectors.

Our experienced technicians will arrange a time to come and see what needs to be done and give you a firm price before the Freeview installation. All components necessary for the job will be supplied by Star Connections and the quote given will include all cables and connectors.

Having troubles with your Freeview?

Call our team for a diagnostic check up.
Callout fee $75 and if there is any parts or materials that need replacing you will be notified of this and any associated cost before any work is carried out.

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