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Our base is in Waimauku, and we are available in the top half of the North Island, New Zealand. How do we do this, you ask? Funnily enough, when you get talking to people in your area, you find some people wishing to get work done/fault fixed. You get a group of 5 households needing our services and we’ll give you the same great deal as if you were right next door!

For great technical advice call our star technician, Mo, 021 073 5979

Best Advice:
We have many incidences of people not quite having all the information while buying a new TV. Spending money on a HDTV with freeview built inside, when a TV with just HD would have been better suited and adding a HD set-top box would have saved them some anguish.

And some misinformation incidences, such as “just plug your new HD Freeview built in TV to your satellite dish and it will work fine”

If you want to run with a UHF aerial, you need to know if you have adequate UHF signal not only in your area but at your residence as there could be limiting factors restricting quality UHF signal. Other limiting factors could be quality of your existing cable. With better technology comes better quality cable.

People are interested in High Definition and understandably so! But they may not know that they have choices (or limited choices) and what would be best to suit their area.

Whole entertainment systems including your computer & IPOD/MP3/4 players & Gaming, all sync-ing & playing through your TV…WOW!

Many people have expressed to us that they wished they had talked to an aerial/satellite technician before purchasing their TV.
Do your research; ask plenty of questions from the experts that do the installations, tell them your vision/requirements, listen to their advice.
You may need to pay a tech some fuel money to come and see your situation, check your cabling, suggest a few options or ideas, but the savings in the long run, and your anguish lessened, would be worth it.

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